Jul 7, 2011

Mike Monteiro On The Stream Design Of Google+ Vs. Twitter


I know it’s completely subjective, but I really prefer uniformity of Twitter’s design over what Google+ is doing. To me, Google+ is interesting, but at first glance it looks like chaos. 

When you give people the ability to have different sized areas for things, I find that they tend to go bigger because YELLING gets you noticed more than whispering. What’s great about Twitter is that people can’t do that. It’s about the meaning of the content, not the size of it.

This is actually related to one of the reasons I preferred Facebook early on over MySpace. Facebook had a uniform design for profiles (and still does). MySpace let you do whatever the hell you wanted.

If you give a child crayons, he’s going to draw all over the walls. And there are way too many children on the Internet.

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